The MPX-Player for Android

20Tracks is the software for band and orchestra

With our MPX-PLAYER you can listen to MPX-multitrack-recordings on your smartphone and control, mute or highlight each track individually and in real time. With the STUDIO version extension you can create MPX files from your own music yourself.

There are 3 variants:


Try the PLAYER version for free.


...if you only want to play MPX songs


You create new MPX songs
and distribute them.

What is MPX?

MPX is a new audio format in which the different voices in the song are available individually.
Each voice can be switched on and off individually by the listener and its volume can be adjusted. Theoretically, the 3D spatial position and the reverb of each voice can still be changed, but we have not yet implemented this in our 20Tracks player. An MPX file also contains useful information about the song, such as: Composer, performer and included instruments. More about MPX